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... I suddenly realized that today is the day the Writer started his first story.” Kevan felt as if all the air was being sucked out of his lungs. His thoughts started to tumble like a crowd surging into an empty square where people push, pull and jostle each other. He couldn’t complete a single thought because immediately another would send him in a different direction. “Yes, indeed. That’s it. ...


The book is about a writer writing a book about characters living in a different world. The writer lets his characters know that they are made up by him. It soon turns out that the characters are confronted with questions that are well known to us:
Do we have a free will?
Are we responsible for our deeds, or is the writer.?
When did Wirlt start, at the moment that the Writer started his first story, or, as the historians say, long ago.
Is the Writer limited by the laws of nature?
Can science prove whether the Writer exists or not?

These questions are addressed in a number of short stories. The best way to discover how these questions are answered, is to read the book quietly. That can be done in one evening, because the book has only 64 pages.
Maybe a second reading is necessary, because not all secrets are revealed immediately. See also the Discover more page to discover most secrets.
Also the illustrations by M. Zwarts have their secrets which are not always discovered the first time.

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