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For now, everything was ready. The stories of Wirlt could begin!


How to buy a book.

Books can be bought in several ways. It can be ordered in book shops in several countries. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for the paper version is 9789463988803, for the electronic version it is 9789463987035.

Further it can be ordered online from several web shops. Take the web shop that best fits your location:

Paper version Electronic version
amazone.com amazon.com (Kindle)
amazon.co.uk amazon.co.uk (Kindle)
amazon.de amazon.de (Kindle)
amazon.es amazon.es (Kindle)
amazon.fr amazon.fr (Kindle)
amazon.it amazon.it (Kindle)
amazon.nl amazon.nl (Kindle)
  Apple iBooks
  Google Play
mybestseller.co.uk mybestseller.co.uk
meinbestseller.de meinbestseller.de
monbeaulivre.fr monbeaulivre.fr
mibestseller.es mibestseller.es
bookmundo.pt bookmundo.pt
mijnbestseller.nl mijnbestseller.nl
bol.com bol.com

If you want book signed by the writer, you can enter your order in the form below. We will contact you for further handling of your order. We will charge you for extra administrative costs and shipping about 15,-.

Order a signed book (15,- extra):
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