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Who would still believe it today?


A lot of people miss the true message of the bible, because they are mislead by pseudo-scientific claims, as if science would have proven that the stories in the bible could not have happened. Others are distracted by questions about the suffering of mankind, or by an assumed contradiction between God's omnipotence and our responsibility.
This book offers an allegoric description of our world, which sheds another light on such paradoxes. Many of them, which some people dismiss as nonsense, turn out to be not that strange in this light.
Sometimes a story can explain more than thousands words in an argument. Therefore, this book offers a number of short stories in the framework of the Writer, writing his stories about Wirlt.
This book helps to realise  that science is unable to make authoritative statements about the claims mentioned above, because they fall outside its realm of authority.
By choosing the form of stories this is made clear for the reader without using difficult philosophical terminology, or physical concepts. Way too often contradictions are created between bible and science, which are not necessary at all.
The most important reason for this book is the hope that with this insight people will get a more serious interest in the bible. Hopefully, they will no longer be distracted by side issues, but the the real message of the bible will get their attention, namely the way from the victory over Evil to the real good life as it was meant by God.

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