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It concerns fundamental questions about existence, origin, responsibility, free will, etcetera.


Without doubt this book will cause questions. That is its purpose. Its goal is that you will start to think about themes from this book. To stimulate that, even further questions will be asked on this page about stories in the book. Some answers will lead to other questions, with which you can see whether or not your answer leads to strange consequences. It is not meant to show that some answers are good and other ones wrong. It can be interesting to print the answers and compare with each other and discuss about it.

The questions are ordered according to the chapters of the book:

  1. The Conception
  2. The awakening
  3. The crime
  4. The flood
  5. The patient
  6. The history
  7. The walk
  8. The writer
  9. The end
  10. Epilogue of the Author

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